Trader and Investment Visas

Trader and Investment Visas

Let Our Experienced Immigration Attorneys Guide You Through Securing an E1 or E2 Visa

There are many reasons why a person may wish to move or travel to the United States. Typically, when a foreign national wishes to enter the United States, he or she requires a non-immigrant or immigrant visa for temporary stay or permanent residence.

However, citizens of foreign countries with which the U.S. maintains treaties of commerce and navigation often want to enter the United States for other reasons, such as conducting business in international banking, retail, agriculture commerce, or technology, or making or monitoring a substantial investment in the United States. When this is the case, the individual will require an E visa.

Types of E Visas

There are two primary types of E visas, also called treaty trader and investor visas:

As a note, there is also an E-3 visa, although this visa classification applies only to Australians and their spouses and children.

Applying for an E Visa

Securing a visa to the United States is a challenging process that involves numerous steps and scrupulous attention to detail. The first step is to complete the non-immigrant visa application and to schedule an interview. As you prepare for your interview, you should begin gathering the documentation that you will need, including the non-immigrant Treaty Trader/Treaty Investor Application. These applications will require significant evidence, including a robust business plan. Because E-1 and E-2 visas are different, it is critical that you submit information that is relevant to your application and requested visa type. For example, in order to qualify for an E-2 visa, you must prove that your investment will have a substantial economic impact. You must also prove that the trading or investment enterprise complies with the law.

Working with an Experienced Visa Attorney in Nashville

Obtaining a visa is a complicated process; acquiring an E visa as an investor or trader can be even more complex due to the stringent requirements. If you are hoping to engage in trade within the United States or make a substantial investment in an enterprise, it is strongly advised that you work with an experienced attorney who understands immigration law. Not only can an immigration lawyer help you to understand what visa you need, but an immigration attorney with experience with E visas can also represent you throughout the entire process to ensure that you have the best chances of being awarded the visa.
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