Top Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer at Ozment Law, PLC

Our immigration attorneys advocate for immigrant rights, advise you of your options, and handle any immigration problems that arise.

Immigration law cases in Tennessee and throughout the U.S. can involve a wide range of legal issues, from seeking permanent residency status or citizenship to applying for a non-immigrant visa to defending against deportation actions. When you or a family member is facing a legal matter involving immigration law, it is critical to hire an experienced Nashville immigration attorney to assist you with your case. While you might think you can handle the matter yourself, you will likely always be better off with help and experience of an immigration attorney, such as the attorneys at Ozment Law, PLC. The following are some of the top reasons you need an immigration lawyer and why you should choose Ozment Law, PLC.

1. Immigration Law is Extremely Complicated

Immigration law in the United States is extremely complicated. There are various federal laws, regulations, and policies that can impact a particular immigration case and understanding the intricacies of immigration statutes and administrative law procedures can be incredibly difficult. At Ozment Law, PLC, our attorneys have experience advocating for clients in many kinds of cases. We can assist you in immigration cases involving family petitions, defending your civil rights, applying for immigration visas, helping with asylum applications, defending against deportation in immigration court, and more.

2. Identify and Handle Potential Problems Before They Arise

Our experienced Nashville immigration lawyers can identify and handle potential problems in your case before they arise. Our attorneys have dealt with many immigration issues in the past and use their experience in helping clients. When you can identify a possible issue before it affects your case, you can often save yourself significant frustration and money, and you may ultimately even protect your ability to immigrate to or remain in the United States.

3. Understand and Protect Your Rights

Immigration lawyers in Nashville at Ozment Law, PLC can help you to understand your rights as an immigrant, or your rights concerning business or family immigration, and we can help to protect your rights.

4. You May Have Immigration Options You Can Consider

When you attempt to handle an immigration matter on your own, you might not realize that you have more than one option. Our attorneys can present you with potential options to consider in your immigration case, and we can help you to weigh the benefits and limitations of each approach.

5. Avoid Mistakes That Can Cost You More Than Money

You need an immigration lawyer to avoid costly mistakes — and save significant time from redoing an application that has gone awry. Immigration applications already take a long time to process, so it is frustrating when an immigrant or loved one learns that the process needs to be corrected. When you are dealing with a legal matter involving immigration law, a mistake ultimately could cost you the ability to travel to or remain in the United States. By working with an attorney, you can avoid significant errors that may have life-altering consequences.

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Whether you need assistance with your own immigration case, you need help securing a family member’s immigration status, or you are working to hire a person who will need an immigration visa, our Nashville immigration attorneys are here to assist you. We are committed to advocating for immigrant rights in Tennessee, and we have years of experience serving immigrants and their families, as well as businesses in the Nashville area that need assistance with employment visas.

Our firm handles family petitions, immigration visas, visas for victims of crimes, and various civil rights issues affecting immigrants. We also advocate for clients in immigration court and assist with complex immigration services involving refugee status and asylum. Contact Ozment Law, PLC today to learn more about how we can assist you.