This year’s Nobel Prize winners are all immigrants

With a growing segment of the population concerned with immigration and the potential influx of dangerous people, it’s no surprise that one presidential candidate is literally suggesting building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants. However, as many recent articles have pointed out, many of America’s Nobel Prize winners are immigrants.

America’s Nobel Prize-Winning Immigrants

Every American Nobel Prize winner in 2016 has been an immigrant: five were born in England and the other in Finland. This reality showcases the complexities of immigration. And now these award-winning immigrants are warning America about creating strict and difficult immigration laws or cutting off their borders the way Britain seems to be doing with its recent vote to exit the European Union.

Sir James Fraser Stoddart, a formerly British Nobel Prize winner had this to say: “I think the resounding message that should go out all around the world is that science is global…It’s particularly pertinent to have these discussions in view of the political climate on both sides of the pond at the moment…. I think the United States is what it is today largely because of open borders.”

The Fears Of The People

The free exchange of ideas and scientific concepts is an important part of what makes progress possible, these scientists claim. However, many Americans are alarmed by the potential of letting terrorists into the country through unfettered immigration or open borders for refugees.

Is this a real risk? It is possible that those who wished to hurt the country could end up among true refugees and make their way to the country. However, America’s Nobel Prize-winning immigrants argue that the risk is low, and that is mostly boils down to fearmongering.

Immigration Is Very Complex

The issues behind immigration are complex and can’t likely be solved with a concept as simple as a wall or closed borders. Clearly, the country benefits from immigrants in many ways, but the fears of many of its residents may not be alleviated by the nature of these advantages.