Recent updates have made major improvements in immigration services provided online, streamlining the processes of applying for citizenship and getting green cards renewed.

For people seeking to live or work in the United States, gathering information online about Immigration services is often one of the first steps. Government websites can answer general questions about the immigration process and assist with important tasks, which is particularly important for those not currently in the country.

Unfortunately, getting the valuable information you need on these sites can be confusing. There are language barriers to overcome and general difficulties in finding and filling out the forms and applications you need. Second, many of these websites use legal or technical terms that sometimes differ from the terms’ common meanings. Recent updates to the immigration service’s website have made major improvements, which can make filing for immigration benefits, including citizenship (the naturalization process) a little easier.

Website Updates Make It Easier to Complete Important Immigration Tasks 

People from other countries who wish to live or work in the United States have faced numerous challenges in recent months. Concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in border closings and major disruptions to immigration services. After facing countless problems and delays in dealing with U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS), the government agency now has some good news for anyone involved in the immigration process.

USCIS has recently made updates to its website, making it easier for immigrants to navigate and find the information they generally need. The various tasks you can complete online include:

  • Determine eligibility for immigration services;
  • Submit applications and information needed to obtain citizenship status;
  • Check on the status of your current applications;
  • Check on the proper filing fees;
  • Request green card or work visa replacements and other important documents.

Improvements in USCIS Website That Benefit Immigrants

Online immigration services are meant to make the process of applying to live or work in the United States easier, but clients have long complained about the many obstacles and delays they faced when using the USCIS website. Recent improvements seek to address these issues.

According to a July 21, 2020 USCIS news release, updates were based on feedback from applicants, petitioners, and others involved in the immigration process. These include:

  • A new website design, making it easier to access information from any type of device;
  • Enhanced search features, making it easier to find specific types of information you need;
  • Easier to find sign-in links to access your personal information;
  • Better availability and improvements in Spanish and multilingual resources;
  • An explore option that organizes and allows you to scroll through various forms;
  • A complete revision of the Citizenship Resource Center (CRC), which provides important information to immigrants and others about citizenship.

Our Nashville Immigration Attorneys are Here to Help

Even with these improvements to the USCIS website, navigating immigration processes on your own can prove challenging. Our Nashville immigration attorneys already use online filing in some cases, so we at Ozment Law are prepared to assist clients with online filing right away. To increase your chances of success and to prevent denials or lengthy delays, get our immigration legal team at Ozment Law, PLC. on your side. To find out how we can help in your case, call or contact our Nashville immigration attorneys online and request a consultation today.

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