Ozment Law featured on News Channel 5 discussing DACA


Our office in Nashville has received numerous calls from concerned clients and community members concerning the future of DACA and what to do. News Channel 5 in Nashville interviewed Mr. Ozment on Tuesday, and Mr. Ozment addressed common questions callers have asked:

Ozment said if your DACA status expires between now and March 5, you must renew by October 5.

You can also seek out other immigration options like certain Visas. The best way to find out about those is to find legal help.

News Channel 5 asked Ozment if the end of DACA would lead to mass deportations.

“There’s nothing to prevent ICE from resorting to these records. If they catch somebody that they suspect might be a dreamer, then they can use these records to prove they illegally entered the United States,” Ozment said in response.

Call our office at (615) 321-8888 if you would like to schedule a consultation with Mr. Ozment to discuss your DACA or possible other forms of relief that may be available to you or your loved one.

You should act quickly, because the October 5, 2017, deadline to renew DACA (for those who are eligible to renew; call us if you have any questions) is approaching.