Visas for Parents

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Living in the United States may be a wonderful experience and a goal that is pursued by millions of people, but for foreign nationals who live legally in the United States or U.S. citizens who live in the U.S. without their parents, the experience may also be a lonely one. Living without family nearby can be challenging. At the offices of Ozment Law, PLC, our experienced Nashville, TN immigration attorneys can help you understand the laws regarding visas for parents. To learn more about the steps you need to take to get a visa for your parents if you are living in the U.S., please reach out to our law firm today.

Bringing a Parent to Live Legally in the United States

If you are older than 21 years of age and you are a United States citizen, you may be able to petition to have your non-U.S. citizen parent granted a visa. In order to do so, you will need to provide the following documents:

It is not just biological, married parents for whom a petitioner may file a request to bring to the United States. In addition to a child’s biological mother and biological father, a petition may also be filed on behalf of:

Because the rules and regulations, as well as the required documents, vary slightly depending on for whom a petition is being filed, it is advised that you work with an experienced lawyer when petitioning for a parent visa.

What Happens Next?

After you file your petition for a parent visa, one of two things will happen:

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Understanding the visa process can be confusing, and a mistake in your application could be costly. If you have questions about securing a visa for your parent, please reach out to our Tennessee immigration lawyers directly for a consultation and advice you can trust. We care about helping immigrant families like yours.