Green Cards

Guidance On Getting And Using A Green Card

Getting a green card gives you authorization to live and work permanently — not just temporarily — in the United States. But how do you get the permanent resident status that a green card reflects?

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What Makes You Eligible For Permanent Resident Status?

Each family-based petition is assigned a case manager at Ozment Law, PLC, with whom the citizen, green card holder, or immigrant beneficiary stays in regular contact. Case managers help the family gather the right documents and other support to make the application as strong as possible.

There are several different ways to get the permanent residence status symbolized by a green card. Our experienced immigration lawyers can walk you through the procedures that apply to you. The categories for green cards include:

There are also numerous other ways to become eligible for a green card, involving various special categories. Our attorneys have the experience and the up-to-date knowledge to guide you effectively through the green card process.

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