Family Petitions

If You Are Facing Deportation, Put Your Defense In The Hands Of Our Attorneys

Ozment Law, PLC handles petitions for alien relatives as well as petitions for all types of family-based visas, including:

Many of these petitions may include a pathway to citizenship for your loved one. We pride ourselves on a robust and successful practice of making the otherwise confusing family-based immigration petition process easy for our clients.

Each family-based petition is assigned a case manager at Ozment Law, PLC, with whom the citizen, green card holder, or immigrant beneficiary stays in regular contact. Case managers help the family gather the right documents and other support to make the application as strong as possible.

As a result of recent developments in the law, Ozment Law, PLC is now honored to assist same-sex and LGBT immigrant families unite in America the same as heterosexual families, even if same-sex marriage is illegal in your home state such as Tennessee. As part of our tradition of fighting for immigrant rights, we strongly believe in fighting for all immigrants’ rights, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Obtaining A Green Card: Adjustment Of Status vs. Consular Processing

Whether you qualify for a green card through a family- or employment-based petition, or through other special programs for children or for urgent humanitarian needs, the process is the same. The immigrant either takes part in an interview at a consulate or is able to get his or her green card within the United States without having to leave, depending on the circumstances. Whichever path your case requires, Ozment Law, PLC has a wealth of experience in both procedures and is eager to help you and your family become a permanent resident of the United States.

A Waiver May Prevent You from Being Barred From The Country

If you are trying to get a green card, but have some reasons you may not qualify (illegal presence, criminal convictions, etc.) you may be eligible for an immigration waiver. Talk to an experienced lawyer about whether you qualify for an immigration waiver.

At Ozment Law, PLC, several members of our team make waivers their sole focus. Our law firm has helped hundreds of people in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee stay in the country as they have applied for legal status, instead of being required to return to their country of origin while awaiting approval.

We understand how important it is for your family to remain together. If we believe you qualify for a provisional waiver or a waiver of inadmissibility, we will do everything we can to make that happen and to help you achieve legal status so this never has to happen again.

Don’t Risk A Long Separation From Your Loved One

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