Could an executive order endanger your permanent residency?

More executive orders on immigration may be on the way. According to reports, a new travel ban would identify travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries, but offer exemptions to those who already have United States visas. Specifically, the targeted countries would likely include Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya. Refugees from these countries would likely also be denied acceptance.

The orders may create confusion about which travelers may enter the country. Even permanent residents of the United States, or green-card holders, might be unsure whether they risk being detained by customs officials when traveling.

Unfortunately, the executive orders may have a much broader impact. Immigration officials may be responding to the tenor of the current administration by adopting more aggressive enforcement efforts across the board. In practical terms, that means that many immigrants may be at risk, not just those who are documented or from one of the targeted countries. Even permanent residents of the United States may be uncertain of their status in this changing political environment.

For anyone who is detained on an immigration matter, it is important to consult with an attorney. Being quested by immigration officials can be an intimidating matter. In fact, this concern has motivated volunteers at several airports to set up emergency stations to offer legal support to travelers detained by customs officials.

Our Nashville law firm has a demonstrated history of fighting for immigrant rights. We have literally helped hundreds of clients with immigration concerns in the local area, including those with undocumented status. We can explain the type of documentation needed to work and live in this community without fear of deportation.

Source: Associated Press, “Airports, legal volunteers prepare for new Trump travel ban,” Gene Johnson, March 1, 2017