H-1B Visas

Skilled Counsel On H-1B Visas

Companies of all kinds use H-1B visas to bring in workers from abroad for specialized jobs. It’s a complicated program, with all sorts of legal hurdles to navigate — and may be changing significantly under the Trump administration.

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What Are The Requirements for Applying For An H-1?

H-1B visas are such a popular way for highly skilled foreign workers to get permission to work in the United States that the U.S. has put a numerical cap on them. In recent years, there have been 65,000 H-1Bs granted to specialized workers from abroad, plus another 20,000 issued to foreign graduates of American universities.

These visas are temporary; they do not grant permanent resident status. But demand for H-1Bs is so high that the U.S. has turned to a lottery system to distribute them. If you are seeking to make use of the program, we can help you understand the requirements and guide you in taking the proper steps.

For example, if you are a foreign worker, you’ll need to show an employment relationship a petitioning U.S. employer. You will also need to show that the job meets the criteria for a specialty occupation under H-1B program.</p.

What If The Requirements Change?

Many H-1Bs go to workers with advanced training in science and math. But it isn’t only tech companies looking for software engineers that participate in the program. It also includes many others whose skills or services are considered to be of exceptional merit.

It is very uncertain now, however, what will happen if President Trump were to overhaul the H-1B program by executive order. Such an order is quite possible, given political concerns about companies using the H-1B program to undercut American workers with lower-paid foreigners.

Our law firm will continue to monitor developments in the law and be prepared to assist you at any time in responding to events.

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