Business Visas

Let Our Attorneys Work To Help Your Business Obtain Work Visas For Foreign Employees

As an employer, you want to get the best employees for your business. Sometimes, those candidates are from a foreign country and require employment visas to be able to work for you legally.

We can assist you with these and other business-related visas:

Frequently Asked Questions about Work Visas for Foreign Employees

We often hear the following questions from our clients. If you have questions in addition to the ones listed below, please feel free to reach out to our law firm directly.

The Role of an Immigration Attorney in Helping You Secure a Work Visa as a Foreign Employee

Applying for a visa can feel like an overwhelming process to someone who is not familiar with the legal immigration system, does not speak the language, and is seeking a work visa for the first time. When you choose Ozment Law, PLC for representation, you can count on us to:

Ozment Law, PLC can help you obtain the documentation you need for your foreign-born employees. This helps them acquire temporary (or permanent, depending on the situation) legal status so they can stay in the United States while working for you, and ensures that your company is in compliance with Tennessee and federal employment laws. We guide you and your potential employee through the entire process, assisting with the gathering of documentation and filing the application for you.

Our lawyers have filed hundreds of legal permanent resident applications on behalf of employers in Nashville, throughout Middle Tennessee and across the country. We have the experience and knowledge required to help you grow your company with foreign workers or bring people of extraordinary abilities, such as musicians, artists and scientists, to the U.S. to participate in your programs.

Let Us Handle The Paperwork For Your Foreign Workers

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