What is the Role of an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration lawyers apply the law to your case, inform you of your rights, and guide you through the complex immigration process.

Immigration laws in the United States are extremely complex. It has been said that the only set of laws more complicated than immigration laws are tax laws. While immigration laws and policies are incredibly difficult to navigate, even a small mistake in an application for a visa or a green card can result in years of delays, denials, and deportation. If you have an immigration issue, it is critical that you speak with a Nashville immigration lawyer.

How Can an Immigration Lawyer Help You?

Immigration lawyers perform many different tasks and can provide specific advice regarding your personal situation and your immigration issue. They will have the knowledge to prepare paperwork for you, your family, or your employer. This task alone can take hours, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the various forms and applications, along with the form instructions that require specific evidence to be submitted alongside the forms. Your lawyer will also advise on the necessary documents you need to collect, such as birth or marriage certificates, or evidence of a relationship, for example.

Your lawyer will also ensure the information you submit to the government is clear, correct, and concise regarding the collection of documents, filing certain forms, and preparing testimony and statements. Credibility with U.S. government officers is one of the most important factors in your case. A lawyer will ensure you do not provide inconsistent information, which can create significant challenges. Additionally, an attorney is aware of the specific legal requirements and will encourage you to obtain evidence that satisfies each of the evidence requirements.

Perhaps the most important way a lawyer can help is by dealing with the inevitable delays and difficulties. Your lawyer will make sure your application is not delayed due to legal technicalities or simple mistakes.

Helping with Change of Status

Immigration law becomes even more complicated if you are currently in the United States with one type of visa and you want to change to another. Legally, this is known as a change of status. Many foreign nationals are successful with their change of status case, but certain rights may be placed in jeopardy, such as your right to travel domestically or work. To prevent issues that are completely avoidable, it is important to speak to a Nashville immigration lawyer, preferably well in advance of your status expiring.

Helping With Removal Proceedings

If you are facing removal or deportation proceedings in immigration court, your lawyer will investigate every possible option that can help keep you in the United States. Your lawyer can make sure you and any witnesses are prepared for all court appearances, understand the court deadlines and procedural requirements, and prepare briefs arguing the law on your case.

Without legal representation, the immigration judge will ask you questions, but they will not guide you toward the right answers. The government will also have its own attorney present, and their goal is likely to have you deported.

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