Applying for asylum

In order to get asylum granted in the United States, you must be in the process of arriving or physically present within the United States. Applying for asylum in the United States can be done through filling in Form I-589. This form must be handed in to a Service Center no later than one year after your arrival into the country. It is also possible to be granted at the port of entry to the country, whether it’s a seaport, airport or the border between other countries.

It is possible to apply for asylum no matter what your current immigration status is, and it has no consequence as to whether you have entered the country legally or illegally. This blog will offer a brief overview on questions that a person might have if he or she is going through the process of applying for asylum.

Will my spouse and children be granted asylum if I am?

In the Form I-589 application, you must list all of your children, regardless of their age. You will have the option, however, to ask for family members to be included in your asylum application. These family members can only be included if it is your spouse, or if it is a child under the age of 21 that is unmarried.

How will I be notified of the decision of my application?

You will typically return to the office where you conducted your interview to receive the decision of your asylum application. Usually this will occur two weeks after your interview took place, but waiting times can be longer.

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