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Criminal convictions and how they impact your immigration status

As long and as involved of a process as it might have been to get a visa or permanent residency permit issued to you, you probably don't want to do anything that would put that hard work to waste. If you commit either a misdemeanor of felony in the United States (U.S), you risk either having your legal status downgraded or even being deported.

How moral turpitude is defined and how it can get you deported

Up until the time you are granted United States citizenship, your ability to lawfully remain living in the country is not guaranteed. Instead, you're always just a few steps from being sent back to where you came from.

What every immigrant needs to know about crime and deportation

Essentially, there's one thing every immigrant without citizenship in this country needs to know: Almost any criminal act -- no matter how trivial -- could make you a target for removal by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Elliott Ozment testifies for Civil Rights Commission, calls for changes to Tennessee's 'civil forfeiture' laws

On Monday, July 24, Ozment Law founder and managing attorney Elliott Ozment gave testimony to the Tennessee representatives of the United States Civil Rights Commission concerning Tennessee's use of "civil asset forfeiture," a little-known program that allows police and law enforcement to take a person's property or cash -- even without charging the person with a criminal offense.

High Court to Review Deportation After Ineffective Plea Counsel

Is it just to deport a long-term, legal resident over a relatively minor drug offense? The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals isn't sure. That court, along with courts in the Second, Fourth and Fifth Circuits, was sure that deportation was required upon conviction for a drug felony, even if your criminal defense lawyer seriously misled you.

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