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Preparing an I-129 petition for hiring a nonimmigrant worker

Perhaps you own a seasonal business; for example, you might raise and sell Fraser Firs, a very popular type of Christmas tree. You get along well during much of the year with a small staff of full-time employees. However, you always have to look ahead to the busy season, and that means hiring temporary employees to get you through the crunch.

Time in the U.S. does not matter (usually)

Many unauthorized immigrants to the United States have been in the country a long time. In fact, about 66 percent have been in the United States 10 years or more. If this applies to you or a loved one, you may think you (or the loved one) have more rights to stay in the country than someone who arrived in the past year.

Need more workers? Turn to your laborers’ loved ones for help

One problem that many employers have is finding an adequate number of qualified workers. This holds true in all types of industries, and employers are limited in how they can hire non-U.S. citizens already in the country. For example, a potential worker may have no immigration papers or is on another type of work visa.

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