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What every immigrant needs to know about crime and deportation

Essentially, there's one thing every immigrant without citizenship in this country needs to know: Almost any criminal act -- no matter how trivial -- could make you a target for removal by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Elliott Ozment testifies for Civil Rights Commission, calls for changes to Tennessee's 'civil forfeiture' laws

On Monday, July 24, Ozment Law founder and managing attorney Elliott Ozment gave testimony to the Tennessee representatives of the United States Civil Rights Commission concerning Tennessee's use of "civil asset forfeiture," a little-known program that allows police and law enforcement to take a person's property or cash -- even without charging the person with a criminal offense.

Entering the U.S. and your civil rights

Law enforcement officers cannot stop, detain, search or remove anyone based solely on your political beliefs, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race or religion. At the border and at all airports, though, law enforcement has the right to search any and all bags, and ask questions about your travel itinerary and citizenship.

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