Need more workers? Turn to your laborers’ loved ones for help

One problem that many employers have is finding an adequate number of qualified workers. This holds true in all types of industries, and employers are limited in how they can hire non-U.S. citizens already in the country. For example, a potential worker may have no immigration papers or is on another type of work visa.

The solution may well lie close to home, at least in part. Say that your business needs temporary agricultural workers. You could collaborate with current contractors or laborers to bring their loved ones into the United States. After all, you need workers. You need help, and the people who work hard for you want to see their loved ones again soon.

A lawyer can assist you in the process

Your business, whether small or large, may have varying needs. For example, perhaps you want to bring in a certain number of immigrants on what will likely be a permanent basis while bringing in the rest on a seasonal basis.

There are federal and state laws to follow as well as paperwork. A lawyer can streamline the process for you and ensure that you stay compliant with the law.

Ensure a predictable worker load

As long as you maintain a reputation for being a fair and solid employer, you can expect for the same seasonal workers to want to return year after year. Knowing whom you will be working with takes a lot of stress and uncertainty out of the equation, and you keep morale high among your workers in general since loved ones get to see one another for part of the year.

Employee referrals are proven

Employee referral programs are a great way to hire. For example, someone already at your company has a good idea of what its culture is like and the type of person who can be successful there. This employer could recommend someone he or she knows from back home to fill a position, whether it is in art, entertainment, fundraising, technology, labor or something else entirely. The situation is a win-win for everyone.

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