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Emergency alert: Keep proof of two years' presence in your pocket (mantenga prueba de dos años presencia)

(Español abajo) If you are living in the Nashville area and crossed the border illegally at least two years ago, and you are arrested under Trump's immigration crackdown, you have a right to a hearing before an Immigration Judge. That's not all bad, because there are several forms of relief you may obtain in immigration court that can let you remain in the U.S. At the very least, you generally will be able to stay in the United States until your court case is concluded, which now could take two years or longer.

New Trump priorities for immigration enforcement

On January 25, 2017, President Trump issued a new executive order that immediately affects immigration law in Nashville and throughout the country, entitled "Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States." Español abajo.

A closer look: permanent residency (green card) eligibility

Although a family member or employer often petitions U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for permanent residency on an immigrant’s behalf, there are other ways to qualify. Depending on the immigrant visa preference category, however, the wait time may range from months to years.

Immigrant criteria for cancellation of removal

If you have received a notice for removal (also known as deportation) proceedings from the Department of Homeland Security, the immediate thought for many is that you will be sent back to the country of your origin. You may be a student who overstayed a visa, entered the country to work or as a tourist, but now you fear that you will be sent back to a country where you no longer live, perhaps being torn away from family in the process.

Can undocumented immigrant farm workers qualify for a visa?

One of the areas that might be affected by the new presidential administration is immigration law. In particular, President-elect Donald Trump has made statements about deporting undocumented immigrants. How those statements might take shape remains to be seen. In the meantime, a local commentator suggests that business visas offered to undocumented migrant farm workers might help Tennessee’s agricultural industry.

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