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High Court to Review Deportation After Ineffective Plea Counsel

Is it just to deport a long-term, legal resident over a relatively minor drug offense? The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals isn't sure. That court, along with courts in the Second, Fourth and Fifth Circuits, was sure that deportation was required upon conviction for a drug felony, even if your criminal defense lawyer seriously misled you.

Homeownership and immigration

Coming to a new country is hard, and constantly worrying about legal status is another burden piled on top of the daily stresses. It's something that naturalized citizens don't understand. It's not just about finding work, but it seeps into every facet of daily life. Most immigrants avoid very American things like buying a home out of fear that they'll be exposed as undocumented in the process.

Visas are often denied due to misunderstanding immigration law

After entering the United States and deciding to settle here in Nashville, non citizens need to apply for visas in order to stay in the country. To many applicants' surprise, their visa applications are denied. This is often due to a misunderstanding of this country's immigration law.

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