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Civil rights law covers immigrants along with citizens

Being an immigrant in the United States can be a challenge. Despite their best efforts, even law enforcement officers here in Nashville may make assumptions about an individual because they might not be a citizen of the United States. Officers are cautioned against racial profiling, but that does not always stop all of them from conducting illegal stops, searches and seizures that can result in an arrest. Fortunately, civil rights law covers immigrants along with citizens.

What is our country’s current policy on naturalization?

With a shift in presidential administrations, readers may be concerned about the potential impact to immigration policies. Although our immigration law firm cannot predict legislative trends, we stay on top of the latest developments in immigration policy. In that spirit, we believe it is important for our readers to understand the country's current law on naturalization.

What are the grounds for a hardship wavier to deportation?

An undocumented immigrant seeking permanent legal residence may have a long wait in store. Under normal immigration rules, anyone who has maintained an illegal presence in the United States for over a year may be required to leave the country and wait 10 years before lawfully reentering.

Sponsoring a parent for green card approval

Having been through it yourself, you already know how hard and how long it can take to get approval to live in the United States. However, if you have citizenship now, it's easier to help your immediate family enter the country because you can sponsor them yourself. The US government defines immediate family as children, parents and siblings.

Does your immigration status affect your employment rights?

In some instances, criminal charges might prompt separate scrutiny from immigration officials. In the event of a felony conviction, immigration officials might even commence a deportation proceeding against a non-citizen or undocumented immigrant.

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